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Haier Group, founded in 1984, is a large home appliances brand over globe, has transformed from an enterprise providing household appliances to a public platform attracting entrepreneurs. Haier dedicate effort to become a internet firm in the internet era, cast off the closed loop of traditional enterprises, make itself a knot of the internet system, to set up connectivity and to build a new win-win platform, thus to realize an all-win situation.


Qingdao Bernia is a group enterprise in China integrating scientific research development, piglet breeding, slaughtering, meat processing, and food catering service. It’s honored Top 50 Meat food Enterprises, Agriculture Industrialization Key Leading Enterprise in Shandong province, and also serves as designated suppliers of meat food for 2008 Olympic sailing game. 

Moon Group

Moon Group was founded in 1956, is a large Industrial enterprise. Its main business scopes cover complete set of Industrial cooling equipments, central air-conditioning, cast members, seal materials, CFBB, high-parametric valve, plastic tube and other relevant fields.

2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing

2022 Beijing-Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics (24th), will be co-hosted in Beijing and Zhangjiakou from 4th~20th February, 2022. It will be the 1st Winter Olympics in China; the 1st time that Beijing and Zhangjiakou are both as host cities; and the 3rd Olympic Games held in China after Beijing Olympic Games and Nanjing Youth Olympic Games.

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